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Fans of this dynamic lead singer have been waiting for this moment for a few years. The Polynesian, Australian, and United States fan base is hanging out for the release of his first solo single. But songwriter and rock artist, Levi is not the kind of guy that does things half-assed.

“I’m serious about my music,” says Levi respectfully. “I work hard to produce the sounds and lyrics that I produce. I hang with muso’s that can elevate my way of thinking. My daily routine strictly surrounds my craft,” says the Samoan-born, Auckland based musician.

A MAINZ¹ alumnus, Levi has laboriously performed, collaborated, and worked to produce his solo career working with the plethora of talent in the NZ and South Pacific music industry. From Persian pop icon, Siavash Sahneh to Tokelauan-Samoan legend, Vaniah Toloa. Those 2015 tours took Levi around NZ, Australia, home to Samoa and to over half the states in the USA.

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