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Kiko is a newly formed Maori band comprised of various musicians from the Auckland Blues Rock scene.

The key members:

Rewi McLay - Lead singer/Songwriter/Guitarist from Harvey Knows A Killer, playing a similar roll in Kiko.

Kara Gordon - Lead guitarist in Fly My Pretty's and frontman for The Wreckage and The Triptonites. Opened for acts such as Slash, Deep Purple, Elton John and Black Sabbath to name a few.


Lucas Wharewaka - Lead Guitarist and frontman from Strangely Arousing.


Kiko have a very unique sound, combining a multitude of different genres and flavours in the hopes to break down the stereotypes of Maori music and present it in a new light. They are here to explore and deliver a style of music that Aotearoa have never heard before.


Rewi Mclay writes all the lyrics, melodies and most the compositions but everyone in the band has a vital role in coming up with their own parts and contributing to the overall structure of the songs.


Nathan Judd plays a key role as the producer of the band who can be quite influential in what the finished product can sound like.

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